Programs / Programmes

(Les programmes en STS our HPS au Canada en français suit)

Programs in STS or HPS in Canada  (English)

University of King’s College, History of Science & Technology Program
Offers: A combined honours and minor at the undergraduate level.
HOST offers an interdisciplinary study of science and nature in terms of their development, examining their mutual grounds, their legitimization, the development of methods and their spread and change over time.

St. Thomas University, Science & Technology Studies
Offers: Honours, Major, and Minor undergraduate degrees
STS Studies examines the ways in which technical, scientific and social phenomena interact and influence each other, and they do so from the perspective of the humanities and social sciences, using a critical and interdisciplinary approach, by drawing on the disciplines of history, philosophy, ethics, political science and sociology.

McGill University, History and Philosophy of Science
Offers: A minor undergraduate degree.
It is designed for both Arts students who wish to explore the world of scientific thought and practice, and for Science students who want to deepen their knowledge of the historical and conceptual evolution of science. As a venerable scientific institution in its own right, McGill posesses a wealth of historical archives, artifacts, and library collections in the History and Philosophy of Science. In addition, the prestigious Mossmann lecture series bring eminent scholars in this area to McGill every year.

McGill University, Social Studies of Medicine
Offers: Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in each of the three disciplinary streams.
The Department (SSOM) is interdisciplinary, having faculty in the fields of medical anthropology, medical history, and medical sociology. In its programs of graduate studies, it attempts to provide two things: a training that is solidly grounded in the discipline of the chosen program, i.e. in anthropology, history or sociology;  and, through seminars and interaction with Department members and other graduate students, an exposure to the other disciplines that are represented in the Department.

University of Toronto, Institute for the History & Philosophy of Science and Technology
Offers: An undergraduate degree, and a graduate program at the Master’s and Doctoral levels.
Founded in 1967, main areas of expertise are history of medicine and biological sciences, history of mathematics and physical sciences, history of technology, general philosophy of science, philosophy of biology, philosophy of medicine, philosophy of physics and philosophy of mathematics.

York University, Science & Technology Studies
Offers: Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctoral programs.
STS is an interdisciplinary program whose purpose is to expand our understanding of science and technology by exploring their social, cultural, philosophical and material dimensions.

Western University, Philosophy of Science Area of Study
Offers: PhD
Philosophy of Science is an area of study in the Philosophy Department. The Department of Philosophy at Western has long been recognized as Canada’s preeminent centre for the study of Philosophy of Science, and as among the world’s leading programmes in Philosophy of Science.

University of Saskatchewan, History of Science and Medicine
Offers: Minor Undergraduate

University of Alberta Science, Technology & Society Program
Offers: A major and minor undergraduate degree.
Science, Technology and Society is an established interdisciplinary program that typically draws on the history, philosophy, and sociology of science.  In addition to our traditional strengths in both the history and philosophy of science, the Program also draws on emerging interests in the relationship between science and technology and anthropology, literature, sociology, and women’s studies.

University of Calgary, History of Medicine and Health Care Program
Offers: Master’s, and Doctoral specializations primarily through the Dept of History, and the Dept of Greek and Roman Studies.
The Program aims to explain and interpret topics from the history of medicine, the life sciences and neuroscience and to build bridges of understanding and contextualization regarding modern biomedical developments and respective applications in social environments.  Undergraduate,

University of Calgary, History and Philosophy of Science Program
Offers: MA Concentration
In cooperation with the Department of History, the Department of Philosophy offers the MA with specialization in the History and Philosophy of Science. This program is intended for students with an undergraduate concentration in history, philosophy, or one of the natural or social sciences. Graduate study in this area covers a broad range of topics in the history and philosophy of science.

University of British Columbia Science & Technology Studies
Offers: An undergraduate degree in the History & Philosophy of Science, and Master’s and Doctoral degrees in Science & Technology Studies.
UBC is especially strong in history and philosophy of science and technology; rhetoric and communication of science and technology; science, technology and values; and science and technology policy.


Dalhousie University, Certificate in Science Leadership and Communication
Undergraduate program in science that includes: Leadership development through the sciences, Communicating Science, Ethics in Science, Understanding the nature of science and how it works, Practicum in leadership and communication in science


Programmes en Francais

Université de Québec à Montréal (UQAM) Science, Technologie & Societé
Offert: Une maîtrise et un doctorat.
CIRST est le principal regroupement interdisciplinaire de chercheurs au Canada dont les travaux sont consacrés à l’étude des dimensions historiques, sociales, politiques, philosophiques et économiques de l’activité scientifique et technologique.

Université de Laval Sciences Historiques et Études Patrimonales
Offert: Un baccalauréat  intégré.
Puisant dans les six disciplines enseignées au Département des sciences historiques (histoire, ethnologie, histoire de l’art, archivistique, archéologie et muséologie), ce programme unique au Québec vous permettra de devenir un acteur très polyvalent dans le champ du patrimoine culturel.


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