Opportunities / Opportunités

CCSST Opportunities for Students, Postdocs  /
Opportunités du consortium pour étudiant(e)s, post-docs

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See also / Voir aussi:

The Montréal Summer School in the History of Science and Economics
Montréal, July 14-19, 2015
This 5 full-day summer school, with established scholars from both fields, will provide students in the history of science with the knowledge necessary to contextualize the tradition of economics, and students in the history of economics with a larger knowledge of general topics in recent history of science.

Rotman Summer Institute
Rotman Institute of Philosophy
Each year the Rotman Summer Institute brings graduate students together with exceptional faculty from around the world to focus on a topic of special interest where philosophy and science meet and interact.

Consortium of Humanities Centres and Institutions
The Consortium of Humanities Centers and Institutes (CHCI) and the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) of Canada are working collaboratively to provide opportunities for SSHRC Postdoctoral Fellows to spend time in residence at CHCI member organizations.

STS Google Group
Postings for various opportunities

Bulletin SCHPS/CSHPS Newsletter and Communiqué (for members / pour membres)
Updates from members and listed opportunities

STS or HPS departmental newsletters across Canada /
Bulletins de départments au travers le Canada


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