Groups and Units / Groupes et unités

(Les groupes et unités fraçais suits)

See something missing? We welcome input on this work in progress. Please contact us to add information.

Groups and Units

The Reliability of Evidence in Science and the Law
University of Toronto
Series of workshops to formulate a clear set of markers governing the reliability of evidence in the life sciences.

Technoscience and Regulation Research Unit
Dalhousie University
Multidisciplinary group of researchers use a science and technology studies conceptual framework and multi-site ethnographic methodology to understand the emergence of scientific and cultural facts.

Computation Epistemology Laboratory
Headed by Paul Thagard, this philosophy laboratory is dedicated to the study of cognitive science and the philosophy of cognitive science.

Philosophy and Cognitive Science Web Site
Andrew Brook provides a useful web resource dedicated to the philosophy of cognitive science.

Marxism and Psychology Research Group (MPRG)

Subtle Technologies
Fosters creative collaborations and exchanges between artists and scientists

Science Journalism Research Group
UBC School of Journalism
Focused on issues surrounding the public communication of controversial science (e.g., gene therapy).

Novel Tech Ethics
Dalhousie University
NTE contains a dynamic team of researchers from a variety of disciplines studying the ethical implications of novel technologies in such areas as the neuro- or genetic sciences.

The History and Philosophy of Science Research Group
University of Calgary
Multidisciplinary group engaged in HPS research.

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