International Centres (select) / Centres internationales

Asia Research Institute
Associated with the National University of Singapore, ARI is mandated to facilitate multi-disciplinary research on Asia.

Center for Philosophy of Science
This is one of the premier centres for philosophy of science in the world.

Institut d’histoire et de philosophie des sciences et des techniques
Paris, France.

Max Planck Institute for the History of Science
This Max Planck Institute is dedicated to understanding the sciences and their respective practices as historical phenomena.

National Institute of Advanced Studies
The NIAS facilitates multi-disciplinary approaches to the study of the sciences, technology and society.

Science, Technology and Society Research Cluster
This research cluster is associated with the National University of Singapore, is made up of scholars from the arts and social sciences and offers an undergraduate ST minor.

Arizona State University and Marine Biological Laboratory HPS
The program seeks develop research, education, and outreach activities and projects in the History and Philosophy of Science by bringing together historians, philosophers, life scientists, and others in related fields.

Others / Autres

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